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This tiny home on wheels takes van life to a whole new level. You can travel from coast to coast without having to leave the comfort of your home in the unique property.

This van was specifically designed and renovated for safe and comfortable living. Whether you prefer to live off the grid or to wake up in a new city every morning, this tiny home is stylish and comfortable.

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Las Vegas TikTok influencer, @chipgirlhere, takes the cake for "most extravagant" dog mom because she's created quite the modern dog house for her two golden retrievers.

Last year @chipgirlhere, whose real name is Burgandy Waller, and her husband converted a tiny home into a two-story "playhouse" and now their dogs have their own place.

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Why settle for just one pool? We found a Las Vegas mansion that is so over-the-top we wish they would open it as a resort where we could come stay for the weekend.

There are three pools here, and one of them spills over as a cascading waterfall into the pool below.

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If you're looking for the perfect neighborhood to settle down in, why not choose the best? Henderson was named the top city for first-time homebuyers to purchase in. The town boasts a variety of real estate opportunities as well as a high ranking for overall quality of life.

Wallethub compared over 300 cities in the US with specific aspects in mind to determine which ones rank the best.

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Did you know that you can live in a sprawling mansion that used to house a top hotel CEO? That is now a reality. This Las Vegas Mansion for sale sits on Billionaire's Row, and it is a dream come true. The renovated space offers an abundance of incredible amenities that will suit a lavish lifestyle.

This 1.5 acre home offers European inspired architecture and is nestled in a hilly country club neighborhood.

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