Reno Was Just Named The Best Small City In The US For 2020

A great travel destination.
America's Best Small City Is Reno Which Reigns In At Number One For 2020

There's more to Nevada than just Las Vegas, and this town proves just that. America's best small city is Reno, which reigns in at number one for 2020 and lives up to its prestigious title. With a variety of activities and amazing places, it is no wonder this little hotspot has earned a big name for itself.

Reno, Nevada, has a "#2 ranking for Instagram Hashtags among small U.S. cities", which is no small feat, according to Resonance Consultancy.

Among its many positive attributes listed in the report naming it #1, the weather provides the ultimate climate for visitors to enjoy while exploring.

In the evenings, brightly lit casinos offer a plethora of nightlife options, giving the city a mixed air of rustic appeal and entertainment value.

Known by the slogan "the biggest little city in the world," this destination's allure is in its ability to please multiple demographics with its variety of attractions.

It is also home to the Great Reno Balloon Race every September, which sees hundreds of hot air balloons take to the sky in a fantastic display of bright colors.

Another claim to fame in the report is that the city's restaurants ranked #1 among other small towns. 

The desirable lifestyle is compounded by the great weather and the fact that it is only a short drive to the stunning shores of Lake Tahoe.

There are other outdoor activities that make the city perfect for nature lovers, including the Truckee River and nearby ski slopes.

Resonance Consultancy added that "the rocky cathedrals of Yosemite National Park are a legitimate long weekend road-trip option."

Human-made assets also contribute to the fun that can be had around town, which includes a trampoline park and a rock climbing wall that is ranked the tallest in the world.

There are many factors that contribute to Reno ranking the number one small city of the year. Still, the main reason is that it offers its visitors a variety of enticing options during their stay.