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Various allegations that the Miss USA 2022 pageant was rigged have been emerging since the competition on October 3, and many of those who spoke out about it were fellow contestants, including Miss Montana Heather Lee O'Keefe and Miss Alaska Courtney Schuman.

The title went to Miss Texas, R'Bonney Gabriel, and the rumors started swirling when fans noticed the other contenders' unsupportive reaction to her win during the show.

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Miss Texas, R'Bonney Gabriel, took the crown of Miss USA 2022 last week on October 3. Since then, there have been various allegations from the competition's other contestants that the pageant was rigged.

The claims started when fans noticed many of the ladies filed off stage without congratulating Gabriel on her win, and the pageant queen posted to Instagram about a solo sponsored trip to the luxury Cancun resort Nizuc just hours after her crowning.

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There's more to Nevada than just Las Vegas, and this town proves just that. America's best small city is Reno, which reigns in at number one for 2020 and lives up to its prestigious title. With a variety of activities and amazing places, it is no wonder this little hotspot has earned a big name for itself.

Reno, Nevada, has a "#2 ranking for Instagram Hashtags among small U.S. cities", which is no small feat, according to Resonance Consultancy.

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