'Bev Cart Girl' Cass Holland Reveals The Huge Tips You Could Make Working On A Golf Course

She gets tipped in $100 bills.

Cass Holland in a pink top next to a golf cart. Right: Holland holding cash.
Texas Staff Writer

Cass Holland in a pink top next to a golf cart. Right: Holland holding cash.

One job that TikTok has popularized is the "Bev cart girl," and at the forefront of the occupation's online popularity is Cass Holland, who has gained 2.1 million followers on the app by making videos of her experience working as one.

These popular "golf cart girl" or "beverage cart girl" positions serving food to golfers aren't just specific to women, though, since job listings at country clubs and golf courses often call them beverage or snack cart attendants.

According to the TikToker's website, Holland began her current position in Nevada's Chimera Golf Course during the pandemic in 2020. Over the past three years, her fun TikToks have shown her cheery enthusiasm for the job as well as the pretty hefty tips her patrons sometimes payout, which has all inspired a soaring interest in this "bev cart" job.

Who is Cass Holland?


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The Connecticut native's account, @cassholland, receives millions of views on what her typical day looks like serving on the course, or recounting funny interactions she has with customers during her shift.

The content creator, who’s typically seen decked out in a pink outfit, customizes the drinks she makes for customers by adding edible sparkles that she calls "pixie dust."

She also doesn't have just any old boring cart, as she adds her own flair by often her golf cart with bright patterned seat covers, decorating for holidays, or sometimes adding some balloons.

What does a bev cart girl do?

A beverage cart attendant drives a motorized golf cart stocked full of yummy snacks and drinks to groups playing out on the green.

The cart attendant will visit each golfer to "make recommendations, inform of current specials, promote food and beverage products and services," according to a job listing at Acris Golf.

Since this position interacts with so many customers, employers are often looking for enthusiastic and bright personalities.

Do golf cart girls make good money?


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The national salary average of a beverage cart attendant in the United States is about $37,600/year, GlassDoor says, and that's not even counting the massive tips they might earn if the customer service is on par — no pun intended.

Holland regularly suggests to her followers that if they want to make money, working beverage cart service on a golf course is the way to go.

After all, one popular video revealed that she sold a man a Dr. Pepper for $3.50, and he tipped her with a crisp $20 bill. There are even TikTok clips you can find of her sharing that she earned a $100 bill as a tip.

Viewers seem to be envious of her job and also acknowledge how golfers appear to adore the course employee, with comments on her videos like "It’s her world, and all the golfers are just living in it 😂😭" or "I clearly have the wrong job."

Holland didn't immediately respond to Narcity's request for comment on her TikTok success.

This article has been updated since it was originally published on September 07, 2022.

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Texas Staff Writer
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