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Laval Police are investigating the discovery of a fetus found dead in a dumpster in the city. It was located behind an apartment building in the Laval-des-Rapides sector.

Police said two people were arrested following the discovery, a 40-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman. They didn't confirm whether they are the parents.

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Election day has finally arrived in Canada. If you have yet to cast your vote, you still have some time before the ballot box closes. Polling day always raises questions among voters. Who do I vote for, and how do I vote in Canada? Some Quebeckers are apparently confused and are looking to the wrong source for help. Laval police are asking the public to stop calling 911 to find out where to vote.

Indeed, it seems that some residents of Laval haven't hesitated to direct their questions to local emergency services. Laval police shared the following warning on Twitter, telling citizens to consult the Elections Canada website for answers.

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Beginning on Monday, Laval Quebec has been hit with major storms, resulting in several power outages. Since then, Canadians in the area have been dealing with the freezing temperatures without any heat or electricity as many areas are without power. On Monday in particular, several Canadians were poisoned by carbon monoxide after attempting to warm up with a BBQ inside their home.

As a result of the power outage, locals began to seek heat anywhere they could. Some even resorted to lighting up a BBQ indoors to get a little bit of heat during the incredibly cold power outage on Monday night. 

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