The LCBO Is Getting Rid Of Paper Bags Next Month & A Reusable One Will Cost You Up To $15

Don't forget to bring your own!

An LCBO location in Ottawa, Ontario.

An LCBO location in Ottawa, Ontario.

The LCBO is following in the footsteps of many other major retailers and groceries stores, like Loblaws and Metro, and is permanently getting rid of its single-use paper bags.

We may have known this for a while, but the crown corporation has now attached a date to it — as of September 5, 2023, paper bags will no longer be available at any LCBO locations.

The LCBO made the announcement in a statement released Tuesday where is also encouraged shoppers as of next month to remember to bring their own reusable shopping bags. Otherwise, the LCBO will have a variety of its own reusable bags for sale.

Though, depending on how much wine, spirits, or beer you're picking up, those bags could cost you a little more than you might expect.

As of September 5, there will be four options for reusable bags available at all LCBO locations:

  • 6-bottle bags ($2.95)
  • large reusable bags ($2.95)
  • 2-bottle reusable bags ($1.25)
  • 4-pocket organic cotton bag ($14.95)
In comparison, Walmart's reusable grocery bags sell online for $2.17 and Loblaws sells its cloth grocery bags for $2.49.
Notably, 8-pack carriers and used cardboard boxes at the LCBO will still be available for customers to use for free.
Gift bags will also still be available and seasonal bags will be available, "for limited periods throughout the year."

Naturally, the best option is to just remember to bring your own reusable bag, which can be easier said than done if you've seen (or been one of) the people at the grocery store reluctantly having to fork over the extra couple of dollars because they forgot theirs at home and now have another bag to add to their collection.

"This initiative will help to minimize our impact on the environment and create a more sustainable Ontario," the LCBO said in a statement. "We thank our customers for helping us to take better care of the planet."

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