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Canada Considers Scrapping Lie Detector Tests After Reports Of Negative Results

They're used by Canada's intelligence agencies.
Canada Considers Scrapping Lie Detector Tests After Reports Of Negative Results

To tell you the truth, the federal government could possibly scrap lie detector tests in the future. Pun intended. 

The country is taking a second look at the use of polygraph tests, which are used mainly during security screenings, according to CBC News

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CSIS could not justify the merits of examiners — who are not medical practitioners — to ask medical-related questions of the people they examine. NSIRA

The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency (NSIRA), also known as the country's watchdog for intelligence agencies, brought forward a report that criticized the technique. 

For those unaware of how a polygraph works, it can supposedly tell if a person is lying based on their blood pressure and heart rate.

According to the report, all government employees who need enhanced security clearance for top-secret departments and projects have to undergo the test. 

Agencies like the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Communications Security Establishment reportedly use these methods on their employees.

The watchdog found that there was a lack of oversight in the program, doubt about the tests' accuracy and that there were blurred lines seen between polygraphs and "medical analyses". 

They also believe that these kinds of tests can be harmful to an employee's mental health if not administered in the right way.

The future of lie detectors in Canada will be reviewed by the NSIRA. 

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