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There's A Secret 'Pirate Tower' Hidden Among The Cliffs Of This Beach In California

Nestled into the beachside cliffs of Laguna Hills in Southern California is an old pirate's tower and it's an old, not-so-hidden treasure of Victoria Beach.

The Victoria Beach Pirate Tower was built in 1926 by a rich California senator, although, to be honest, it looks like it just eroded straight out of the nearby cliffs.

The old tower stands 60 feet tall and has the tiniest little storybook-ish windows on it.

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You can access the tower at low tide, and even poke around the bottom of it to do some exploring but you cannot actually go inside of it.

Although, it's called a "pirate tower," it wasn't ever lived in by REAL pirates, but it was lived in by a guy who ... liked to dress up like a pirate.

In addition to dressing up like a pirate, this man would also hide coins around the tower's base — so while it was never lived in by actual pirates, it's close enough.

It's rumored that some of the coins might even still be laying around if you're ever in the market to do some searching for hidden treasure.

Just remember: Don't go inside.

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