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Hollywood’s Famous 'Unfinished Target' Is FINALLY Open & It’s Gorgeous Inside

After 12 long years of being in construction…
Hollywood’s Famous 'Unfinished Target' Is FINALLY Open & It’s Gorgeous Inside

The moment that Los Angeles has been waiting for — just absolutely PINING for — has finally arrived.

The famously unfinished Hollywood Target finally lowered its gates with a grand opening this past Sunday, after 12 long years of being in construction.

It was worth the wait, too — the store is a full retail location (aka One Of The Good Ones and not one of those little city Targets popping up everywhere, like 2018's Burbank and Koreatown locations) with a Starbucks, CVS Pharmacy, and alcohol section.

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12 years of anticipation for the opening of this Target

Legal issues and zoning technicalities stopped construction on and off over the years at the multiple-storied Sunset and Western location — essentially, the Target was deemed too large.

The Target even had its own Twitter account, calling it out for what it was — a husk.

 Users shared photos of the impressively large and well-stocked interior.

And people of Hollywood were quite excited about this long-awaited opening.

Some shoppers expressed their excitement via song and dance.

The opening of this Target comes as a light in the darkness that is COVID in Los Angeles and we are grateful. 🙏

Editor's Note: Cover image used for illustrative purposes only.

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