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This Gig In California Pays $1800 For Simply Having Perfect Teeth

AND they'll whiten those perfect chompers if you get it.
This Gig In California Pays $1800 For Simply Having Perfect Teeth

A production company in California is looking for people with perfect teeth for an upcoming shoot in Los Angeles and it could make you a nice little stash of cash.

Into The Forest is casting for a dental product shoot, and the only credential is, truly, having a "perfect smile."

You've gotta have fantastic energy if you want to be chosen as a model for this nonunion teeth-themed job, as they're looking for people with happy expressions.

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500 dollars per day for this shoot

The job will be primarily focusing on the smiles of the talent, and if you are booked, you will attend a video shoot where you will smile in different ways.

Stills from the video shoot will be used on the digital media platforms of the client.

Specific audition instructions will be provided upon applying for the role, and you will need to take a COVID test and quarantine before the shoot if you are booked.

The role pays $500 per day, with a $1300 buyout — plus, they whiten your teeth before the shoot (score).

The company is legit and has done some pretty cool work (which can be seen on their Instagram).

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