These Are, Apparently, The Top 10 'Least Sexy' Accents In The United States

Are you, uh, among the 'unsexy'?
These Are, Apparently, The Top 10 'Least Sexy' Accents In The United States

A travel brand asked its readers to rank American accents from "sexiest" to "least sexy," and the results are very specific.

Big 7 Travel's annual "Top 50 Sexiest Accents In The USA: 2020" ranks 50 different accents from all over the country — last year, their audience chose Southern accents to be the sexiest voice to hear talking at them, with Long Island coming in dead last.

How did the sound of your voice rank this year, you might be asking, out loud, with your particular accent? Let's find out, shall we?

(This is, again, the poll results of one particular study, of one particular audience. This isn't science! I'M not a linguist!)

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The Unsexiest Accent: New Jersey

Coming in last at #50, we have the New Jersey accent. People are always giving New Jersey a hard time, and I guess this is no different. Sorry, you guys. It's just one audience.

The Unsexiest Accent Runner-Up: Long Island

Last year Long Island was at #50, and this year, they've moved up a rank to #49, which? Congratulations to them, on this minor victory.

#48: Floridian

The bronze medal for the least sexy American accent is the general Floridian accent, which the study describes as a mix of "Midwest and Northeast with a hint of Southern." This does NOT include Miami, which is much higher on the list.

#47: Minnesotan

Coming in at the number four worst accent in the US is the Minnesota accent. Last year it was #48, so another congratulations are in order, I guess??

#46: Pittsburgh

Sorry to Pittsburgh, who rounds out the top five "unsexiest" American accents for 2020.

And At #45, We Have...Alaskan??

According to the study, Alaska has the sixth-worst accent in the country, ranking #45 on the list. It's also one of the least populated states, but that doesn't mean it gets a break in this study for it is simply ruthless, I tell you!

#44: Pennsylvania Dutch

Pennsylvania can NOT get a BREAK in this study! Already we had Pittsburgh up there at #46, and now, coming in as the seventh unsexiest accent in American is Pennsylvania Dutch.

#43: Appalachian

Although the Appalachian Mountains go all the way from Alabama to Canada, Appalachian is generally an accent found in the Southern and central areas. We're talking regions of West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. Sorry, guys, it's just one poll.

#42: California Valley

Finally a West Coast contender for bad voices, according to this poll. The "Valley" accent of Southern California refers to those living and speaking in the San Fernando Valley, and it comes at the number nine unsexiest US accent.

The 10th Least Sexy Accent: Southern Ohioan

At the number 10 spot of least sexy accents in the United States, #41 on the overall list, we have the very specific addition of "Southern Ohioan," which is spoken, obviously, by those living in Southern Ohio.

For reference, the top three sexiest accents in the United States, according to this poll, are Texas at number one, New York at number two, and...Bostonian at number three. Okay, then!

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