A Server Shared What She Wishes She Could Say To Customers & It's So Relatable (VIDEOS)

"But we'll never say it!"

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A server in L.A. holding plates. Right: A server in L.A. holding an iPad.

A server in L.A. holding plates. Right: A server in L.A. holding an iPad.

A server in Los Angeles, California is bringing all the comedy to TikTok as she shares what she wishes she could say to her customers. Service industry employees who saw her videos couldn't agree more.

The creator named Robin (@imjustrobb), so far, made a two-part series that has racked up millions of views on the app. She goes through different scenarios, as the person recording pretends to be a needy customer, and shares what she really wants to reply.

However, she captioned part one, "BUT we'll never say it!"


BUT we’ll neverrrr say it! 🫶🏾🫶🏾🫶🏾 #serverlife #serverproblems #bartending #bartendersoftiktok #DTLA #bartender

Some scenarios include people telling her they're ready to order while she's holding a tray full of drinks. She also balances three plates as though they were different dishes being delivered to her table and the "customer" behind the camera asks her for the one plate she's not holding.

"I have three f*ing plates in my hand. That is in the kitchen. Give me a second," she said.

Next, the customer asks her if they have oysters, and when she says no, the customer asks, "are you sure?"

To which she replied, "you asking me twice is not going to make us have oysters. We don't have oysters."

This seemed to be a popular topic amongst many restaurants, according to her comment section, as tons of people quoted her and added laughing face emojis.

"They legit be like 'are you sure?' as if we're keeping the oysters from you on purpose," one person responded.

The laughs continued in part two, as well.


Whats up w yall diet cokers? Yall be needing it STAT! #serverlife #serverproblems #bartending #bartendersoftiktok #DTLA #bartender

The creator shows how people interrupt her introduction speech and start barking orders, as well as when they blame her for food items being taken off the menu.

"No, no no, it's not 'you guys', it's them. I didn't take that off the menu, I don't know why. I won't be in those meetings, ma'am, we don't have it," she clapped back.

Other scenarios involve people asking for a straw before she even sets the drink down and delivering food to a table where people don't remember what they ordered.

Those who watched the video were hollering in the comment section and felt it was so relatable. The creator has many other skits she does on her account that also show the hardships and hilarious stories about the service industry.

Jenna Kelley
Florida Associate Editor
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