Located in the woodsy Idyllwild, California just outside of Los Angeles, this retro motel just might be the coolest place you'll ever stay.

At the Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast, there's a themed room for you no matter what you're interested in. 

The motel has 11 themed rooms altogether (including a Christmas-themed room with a toilet dressed up as Santa Claus).

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11 completely different themed motel rooms

The Dita room is named after model Dita Von Teese — it's pink, lacy, and luxurious, complete with a sultry round bed, a saucy clawfoot tub, and even your own personal two-person hot tub.

Room #420 is a pot smoker's dream filled with video games, psychedelic posters, and a full vending machine (for munchies).

The Haunted Mansion is completely themed after the Disneyland ride, with little statues of the ghost characters, gothic wallpaper, a secret bookcase.

And it also has those exact posters from the beginning of the ride when you're in the room where the ground sinks.

The Third Man room looks like an actual record store (because it's a collaboration with Tennessee's Third Man Records & Novelties), so if you love hanging out in record stores, now you can sleep inside of one.

The Mondo Trasho room is the self-proclaimed "trashiest" room of them all, with an astroturf bathroom, a TV mounted on the ceiling, and a wardrobe full of "trashy" outfits for you to wear during your stay.

There's even a rec room available for all guests to use.

...And it comes equipped with a full-blown arcade. 

The motel is booking rooms during COVID and sanitizing in between stays.

Hicksville Pines Bud & Breakfast

Price: Varies by room and date (approximately $125-$275 per night)

Address: 23481 CA-243, Idyllwild, CA 92549

Why You Need To Go: Because you will want to stay in every single room and live out 11 different dreams, from staying inside of a haunted mansion to stepping inside a day in the life of Dolly Parton