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The Lotto Max Jackpot Is Almost At Its Highest-Ever Point... Here We Go Again​

Are we about to have another lengthy $70 million saga?!

The Lotto Max Jackpot Is Almost At Its Highest-Ever Point & Here We Go Again​

Brace yourselves! Canadians might be in for another epic Lotto Max jackpot saga.

Nobody won the jackpot from Friday, September 17, which means there is $60 million to be won in Tuesday's draw, just $10 million away from the lottery's max jackpot of $70 million.

The last time the Lotto Max grand prize hit $70 million was in June; nobody won it for weeks, turning the whole thing into a lengthy, dramatic saga.

Eventually, two people split the jackpot, but now it looks like more Canadians could be up for some hefty cash if nobody wins the prize for the next week or so.

The Lotto Max jackpot is capped at $70 million, but it can keep getting higher with the addition of more Maxmillions. In June, for instance, the total amount to be won was a staggering $140 million!

The Lotto Max winning numbers for the Friday, October 15 draw have been revealed and that means someone in Canada could be a whole lot richer right now.

For this draw, the jackpot is $50 million and two Maxmillions are up for grabs as well.

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