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Here's How Past Winners Of The $70M Lotto Max Jackpot Won Their Millions

The $70M jackpot is still up for grabs in Canada right now.

Another Lotto Max draw has gone by without anybody winning the $70 million jackpot, which means there is a total of $140 million in prizes up for grabs on June 22.

The string of record-breaking prizes has made headlines around the country, and many people will no doubt be itching to get their hands on the jackpot. But when it comes to buying a ticket, how should Canadians play in order to win $70 million or more?

The $70 million jackpot has been won six times in the two years it's been around — four in Ontario and two in Quebec — and if their wins tell us anything, it's that free play and quick play tickets are the way to go.

Of the four winning Ontario tickets, two were quick plays and the other two were bought with free-play winnings. Most winners were regular lottery players, too — Brampton's Adlin Lewis had been playing the lottery for 20 years before he won and ex-colleagues Donna Williamson and David Overall had been playing together for over a decade when they finally struck big.

However, there is still hope for people who don't regularly play the odds. One lottery winner in April 2020 was an "occasional" lottery ticket buyer, who only played when big numbers were up for grabs. And in November 2020, a woman in Montreal won the $70 million jackpot with the first lottery ticket she'd ever bought.