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Ginno Torres carried a big secret around this summer. The 29-year old Toronto man won a $35 million jackpot from the June 22, Lotto Max draw but he kept his newfound riches close to his chest and waited to share his good news until the cheque was in his hands.

"I wanted to make sure it was real before I surprised my family and friends with this incredible news," said Ginno.

The lucky man had one of the winning tickets for the $70 million top prize and split the jackpot with another winner in B.C., according to OLG.

Ginno purchased his ticket at King Grocery on King Street in Toronto and a couple of days after the draw he checked his ticket at a local store.

Ginno visited three stores before realizing he had actually won $35 million. At the first store, he wasn't certain what the display said and he thought he might have won $35,000.

At the second store, he realized he had missed a few zeros and at the third store, he had the ticket validated by a retailer and there was no mistaking he was a millionaire.

"I had to try to continue on with my day as if nothing had happened as a coping mechanism to deal with the shock of this life changing event!" said Ginno.

Although Ginno, a recent college graduate, is still reeling with the fact he is now a millionaire many times over, he has some idea of what he will do with the money, according to OLG.

"I am going to make sure my family is taken care of and I will make some investments to make sure I am well taken care of long into the future," he said.

He also plans to donate some of the money to charity, redecorate his home, and travel to Europe and Asia once it is safe to do so.

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