A 25-Year-Old Manitoba Woman Had Two Parties In 24 Hours & Got Slapped With Serious Fines

She broke public health orders with back-to-back parties.
Manitoba COVID-19 Restrictions: A Woman Was Charged For Back To Back Parties

Thompson RCMP charged a woman twice for breaking Manitoba's COVID-19 restrictions with two parties in under 24 hours.

On April 17, police were called to an apartment complex where they found a large group of people inside an apartment with loud music that could be heard from outside. 

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The renter, a 25-year-old woman, with given a $1,296 ticket and the guests were asked to leave. None of the guests were given tickets. 

The very next day, police were called back to the same place and found yet another large gathering. 

The same woman was issued another fine of $1,296 for breaking public health orders

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