Canada's Official Twitter Account Is Hyped About Maple Syrup Day & It's So Canadian

We're the largest producer of maple syrup in the world. 🍁
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Maple Syrup: Canada's Official Twitter Is Hyped For The Celebration Day & It's So Canadian

When it comes to maple syrup, Canada is known for it and the country's official Twitter account is so hyped about its day of celebration. So Canadian!

Canada tweeted that we're the world's largest producer of the sweet, sticky treat so not celebrating maple syrup day wasn't an option and then went into all the foods it goes well with.

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According to Canada, maple syrup is "the perfect topping" for pancakes, waffles, French toast, roasted vegetables, fruit, bacon, oatmeal and yogurt.

You can also add it to coffee, cocktails, apple sauce, dessert glaze, pie filling, popcorn and more.

The country's suggestion of adding it to baked beans is probably questionable for some people.

Maple syrup is so Canadian that it was brought up during the announcement of a new trade deal between Canada and the U.K.

Not only are we the largest producer of maple syrup even during a pandemic, we actually have a vault of it in case the world runs out.

It's not all love when it comes to the sweet, sticky treat though because a maple syrup war broke out between two provinces back in March.

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