Masked Daycare Workers Scared The Sh*t Out Of Kids On Video & Now They're Facing Charges


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A masked person scaring children at a daycare.

A masked person scaring children at a daycare.

Five Mississippi women are facing charges over a disturbing viral video shot ahead of Halloween, which show adults in masks scaring a bunch of young children at a daycare.

This article contains content that may be upsetting to some of our readers.

The viral videos show women at Lil' Blessings Child Care and Learning Center in Hamilton, Mississippi. The women can be seen using a terrifying mask — similar to the one worn in the horror movie Scream — and terrorizing the young children.

The uncomfortable footage shows children screaming, crying, shaking and paralyzed in fear as an adult caretaker screams into their faces while wearing the mask.

It's unclear who originally released the footage but it's been circulating online for weeks.

In one of the videos, the caretaker can be heard saying: "Are you being bad? Do I need to take you outside?"

At one point, the woman filming the whole incident says, "We are supposed to be cleaning up, monster," while the masked woman continues to scream at the terrified children.

The daycare apparently fired the people involved earlier this month and several people have since been charged.

Sierra McCandless, Oci-Anna Kilburn, Jennifer Newman and Sheyenne Shelton each face three counts of felony child abuse in connection with the incident, the Monroe County Sheriff's Department said. Traci Hutson faces misdemeanour charges of failure to report abuse and simple assault against a minor.

Sheila Sanders, the daycare owner, will not be facing any charges, reported the Associated Press. She told The Monroe Journal that the incidents happened in September and October.

"The people that did those acts are no longer with us. They were fired," said Sanders. "I wasn't here at the time and wasn't aware they were doing that. I don't condone that and never have. I just want to say it's been taken care of."

Katelyn Johnson, a mother of a child who attended the daycare, told ABC News she "was in complete shock" over what happened in the videos.

"Whether they had a mask on or a mask off, their behaviour was unacceptable. My blood pressure was raised. It broke my heart for my child. I was angry," Johnson continued.

"I hope you're enjoying jail, and I hope you realize what you have done is serious. It is not a joke, and it is nothing to laugh at."

McCandless, Kilburn, Newman and Shelton appeared in court on Thursday.

The investigation is ongoing.

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