If you haven't been keeping up with the freshly cracked egg drama between McDonald's Canada and Tim Hortons, you better pull up a chair. 

It all began when Tim Hortons recently introduced freshly cracked eggs into their breakfast sandwiches. 

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McDonald's Canada did not sleep on the opportunity to throw a little shade, changing their Twitter bio to "servin' up freshly cracked eggs since 1976." 

Now, McDonald's has dished up another spicy tweet, writing "Which came first... the Breakfast Sandwich or the Freshly Cracked Egg? LOL jk glad we solved that dilemma in 1976.”

They simply won't let Tims forget that they were first on the fresh egg game. 

Their Twitter banner photo even shows an Egg McMuffin with an eggshell sitting next to it. 

Coincidence? We think not. 

Tims is showing no signs of retaliation, and we think that might be because they've got bigger fish to fry with the kickoff of this year's Roll Up The Rim campaign