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These Alcoholic Popsicles In Miami Will Get You Tipsy AF

The ultimate field day throw back!💦
Alcoholic Popsicles In Florida Will Get You Tipsy AF

Popsicles may bring back fond memories of fun, hot field days frolicking outside with your classmates. After fishing around in the cooler for your favorite flavor, you’d snip off the top and relish in the cool, sweet treat. As an adult, you can still enjoy this classic treat, but with a mature twist. This Miami company sells alcoholic popsicles in Florida that will get you totally lit for the perfect field day throwback.

It’s no secret that Florida is hot, and there’s no better way to cool off than by treating yourself to a refreshing snack, especially one with a nice kick to it.

Ice Dreams is a Miami-based company that has taken your favorite childhood popsicle and given it a delicious twist, perfect for that hot summer day spent with friends.

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Their signature poptails are frozen cocktails for grown-ups but in the easy and convenient packaging of a frozen popsicle. Take your pick from tropical flavors like Mojito, with white rum; Piña Colada, with gold rum; Cosmo, with vodka; or Daiquiri Red, with white rum.

Colorful, convenient, and delicious, it’s all too easy to have too much fun with these frozen adult treats.

While Ice Dreams is based in Miami, you can actually find their products distributed all over Florida and even in a few other states at local liquor stores.

While this treat is for adults only, you’ll totally feel like a kid again sipping on these hand-held frozen sweets.

You can find the nearest Ice Dreams distributor near you and even buy in bulk for a poptail-filled day of boozy fun!

Ice Dreams Poptails

Price: 💸💸

Cuisine: Boozy frozen adult popsicles

Why You Need To Try It: Perfect for the ultimate throwback to your favorite childhood memories, but with a delicious adult twist!

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