It's summertime, and if you still haven't booked that tropical staycay, you're in luck. This charming beachfront Airbnb in the Keys is a stunning retreat you can escape to this season. With everything provided to ensure an unforgettable experience, you'll only need to figure out which one of your summer flings you want to share those life-affirming sunsets with.

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Sit back and soak up the sun at this tropical oasis in the Sunshine State. You will be enthralled at how all your problems seamlessly slip away as the waves crash against the shore of your exclusive beach.

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Situated in Long Key, Florida, this slice of paradise is close to Long Key State Park, a popular haven for those looking to escape the chaos of city living. You can easily make the trek to the San Pedro Archaeological Preserve from your rental, and explore a submerged shipwreck.

Enjoy a day of diving and snorkeling during your visit to the Keys. Just don't forget to settle back to your cozy nest to catch the breathtaking sunsets that could rival Naples.


This oceanfront duplex can comfortably host eight if you're looking for a lively vacay. If not, you can rent just one of the homes for a more intimate experience.


Like most homestays, this spot has a fully functional kitchen and dining area, though it would be a mistake not to use this opportunity to master your grilling skills and embrace the sea breeze while chilling on the deck.


This bungalow is equipped for ultimate leisure with hammocks, vibrant beach recliners, and a dock for fishing on your private shore.

If you come home without sunkissed skin, then you simply didn't immerse yourself fully in this wondrous rental.


Beach Bungalow




Neighborhood: Long Key, FL

Why You Need To Go: Immerse yourself into this cozy, beach retreat this summer and let your worries wash away.

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