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This Whimsical Restaurant In Florida Is A Key-Lime-Pie Lovers' Paradise

The pie is the star of the show.

Countless restaurants in Florida have their own variation of the legendary Key lime pie. One such restaurant is the Blue Heaven in Key West, a quirky restaurant that stands out for its unique decor and great times. As good as the food looks at this spot, the pie is the star of the show.

No matter if you’re having brunch or dinner, one can’t end a meal here without trying their delicious Key lime pie. If you're coming from Miami, the trek to the Keys to get you a heavenly slice is under four hours. 

Many have tried to replicate the recipe, from CD Kitchen to Recipe Link. It's even theorized that Jimmy Buffett got the inspiration for "Blue Heaven Rendezvous" at this whimsical spot.

On their website, the Blue Heaven claims that it has “the best key lime pie the island offers.” A scroll through the restaurant’s Yelp page reveals just how much love their take on the island classic receives. 

Dessert lovers can expect a hefty piece topped with a mountain size of meringue that is toasted to perfection. It adds a unique taste, which makes the pie stand out among other establishments.

The Blue Heaven speaks to the free spirits of its owners, Suanne and Richard. The restaurant occupies two floors. The main restaurant is on the first floor, with the outdoor courtyard decorated with slate pool tabletops and an outdoor cantine complete with colorful stools.

A Bordello Gallery occupies the second floor, and visitors can sneak a peek inside through unique sliding “peepholes” that give you a glimpse into the small rooms. You don’t have to wait until lunch and dinner to enjoy the uniqueness of this place, as they also serve breakfast.

Situated in Bahama Village, the vibe of Blue Heaven gives off a laidback vibe throughout its exterior and interior. This relaxed feel goes perfectly with a hearty slice of the tart, yet sweet pie.

Blue Heaven 

Price: $12 to $25 

Address: 725 Thomas St., Key West, FL 33040

Why you should go: The great atmosphere and the Key lime pie!