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This Miami Company Will Build You An Epic Treehouse You’ll Actually Want To Live In

You definitely won't be asking "Drake, where's the door?" either!

If you’ve ever fantasized of escaping to the lofty treetop castle of your dreams right in your own back yard, then dream no more! This Florida company, Miami Tree House Builders, will custom-craft the ultimate treehouse that you'll never want to leave. While they’re based in the 305, they service all of Florida and will even travel up the East Coast. And don't worry, all of their doors actually come installed.

Proud to be Miami’s only treehouse builders, this company has been sculpting fantastical lofty tree homes since 1999. Along with gorgeous custom designs, they’ll make your new treetop home even more fun with optional additions of zip lines, slides, bridges, swings, and more.

Miami Tree House Builders take pride in providing the sturdiest, safest, and least-harmful designs. Their very first treehouse built in 1999 still stands today, even after enduring several hurricanes!

The company uses the best hardware and make sure to do as little damage to the trees as possible.

If you’re already dreaming up your perfect treehouse, their custom designs start at $11,500. Imagine the glamping Airbnb you could turn their creations into.

Ziplines, slides, bridges, and other add-ons come at an extra cost but are so worth it. They'll also provide maintenance for the house and tree pruning for $55 an hour.

If you’ve got the perfect spot picked out but no viable tree in which to nestle your new toy, don’t worry.

They can even build a support structure around the tree and anchor the house to it later when it’s all grown up.

Their Facebook page and website are filled with photos showcasing what all is possible. From whimsical buildings that look fit for Dr. Suess to an island-inspired tiki hut in the trees, if you can dream it, they can probably make it happen.

Time to start a new Pinterest board for all your treehouse fantasies, and make them come to life with Miami Tree House Builders!

Miami Treehouse Builders

Price: Starting price runs for $11,500 with each add-on costing extra. Labor for maintenance and tree pruning is $55 per hour.

Address: Pinecrest, FL

Description: This company will craft the wildest treehouse of your dreams. From ziplines to bridges and even treetop pirate ships, they'll make the dreams of your inner kid come true.

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