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This Florida Cruise Takes You On The Hunt For Gorgeous Shells & Wild Dolphins

Cruise with dolphins and hunt for gorgeous shells!🐬🐚
Florida Shelling Tour Near Naples Let's You Cruise With Wild Dolphins

Southwest Florida is a natural treasure trove. There are many charter cruises in the area that offer visitors the chance to embark on a memorable shelling and marine life adventure. One such Florida shelling tour near Naples will let you hunt for shells and cruise with wild dolphins.

The cruise sets off for Southwest Florida's marine beauty year-round, with the times varying by season, and is $69 per adult.

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While you're sailing for paradise, you and your crew will have access to a cash bar, which sells the usual staples of beer, wine, and snacks.

The dolphin watch cruise will allow you to see the area's dolphins in action, and will also take you to the resplendent locations of Ten Thousand Islands and Keewaydin Island.

There, you'll be treated to two of Southwest Florida's top shelling spots, allowing you to disembark from the ship and hunt for the perfect shells.

You'll also have a chance to walk the breathtaking, unspoiled beaches of the islands, and along the way, you could also witness bald eagles and other beautiful animal life.

This eco-cruise is a three-hour adventure highlighting the gorgeous beauty of the region, and they disembark twice a day.

If you just want to be enveloped by Naples beauty, Pure Florida also offers a sightseeing cruise that will take you down the Gordon River.

This cruise lasts only an hour and a half, and you will also be able to see dolphins jumping and frolicking beside your boat, putting on a marine show for all those aboard.

Whether you're going on a shelling adventure or want to tour the area's natural beauty, both tours will provide a strikingly spectacular view of what makes this area of The Sunshine State so special for marine and seashell lovers.

Pure Florida Dolphin Watch Eco-Tour

Price: $69

Address: 1200 5th Ave. South St 501, Naples, FL 

Why You Need To Go: This tour will take you to some of Southwest Florida's best shelling spots, and you may also see some dolphins along the way. 

Before you get going, check our Responsible Travel Guide so you can be informed, be safe, be smart, and most of all, be respectful on your trip.

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