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A Florida Woman Gained 2.4M Followers On TikTok By Feeding Sweet Treats To Cute Exotic Animals

Everyone loves an occasional sugary snack. 🍭

Texas Staff Writer
Alexandra Ashe surrounded by two Kinkajous. Right: A kinkajou eating a lollipop.

Alexandra Ashe surrounded by two Kinkajous. Right: A kinkajou eating a lollipop.

An animal sanctuary in Florida is trending on TikTok and viewers are obsessed with a particular exotic species that live there.

Kinkatopia is a licensed facility caring for the kinkajou and other exotic animals in Boca Raton, FL, and their TikTok account has 2.4 million followers who are particularly fond of the tropical rainforest mammal.

Alexandra Ashe runs the entire operation and the viral @kinkatopia account which shares clips depicting her devotion to the betterment of each honey bear — the animal's nickname — that comes into her care.


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The CEO and founder of the sanctuary gained her popularity with viral posts showing her stopping by each "bear" and letting them choose what sweet treat, typically candy, they want. Some of the crowd's favorites are Twizzlers or Ring Pops.

Kinkajous are allowed to have the sugary treats as an occasional snack, as Ashe regularly mentions in videos. According to the non-profit's website, 80% of their diet consists of fruits and vegetables.

The mammals from the raccoon family regularly have international followers shipping them candies to try from countries all over the world like Ukrainian fruit gummies and Japanese rice cakes.


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The overall purpose of the sanctuary is to aid kinkajous in finding proper homes and also educate people in understanding that the exotic animal isn't your typical household pet.

"Only 10% to 15$ of these animals stay in the homes they start out in," the website states. "The rest are relinquished and rehomed over and over."

Since 2018 Ashe and her Florida non-profit have found homes for over 100 creatures. Their place is not open to the public.

People wanting to live with a kinkajou as a pet must obtain a permit from the Florida Wildlife and Conservation Commission.

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