One of South Florida's more famous attractions is making it a bit easier on the wallets of entertainment-deprived locals. Lion Country Safari is slashing admission for the summer. The price cut comes just in time for those seeking to witness the majestic animals at the park.

For only $19, you and your crew will be able to cruise through Florida's only drive-thru safari. Sitting on 600 acres of pristine countryside, the Lion Country Safari is a true treat for those looking to immerse themselves into the animal kingdom.

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Currently, the walk-thru safari is closed, but the drive-thru portion is open for those looking to take a drive on the wild side.

The sprawling attraction is divided into seven areas that showcase a diverse range of wildlife that, typically, one would have to leave the country to explore.

The first area, Las Pampas, showcases South American animals in a natural grassland setting. You can get an up-close look at the Brazilian Tapir, considered a "living fossil," or the Brown Pelican, which has called the Safari home for 35 years.

Next, you'll drive through Ruaha National Park, a recreation of the African wilderness with fascinating animals like the Impala and the Ostrich. Kalahari Bushueldt is 500-square miles of southwest African terrain and is home to the Nile Lechwe, which can really move in the water.

The Gir Forest, Horongosa Reserve, and the Serengeti Plains all hold enchanting and exotic wildlife.

The real treat, however, lies in the Hwange National Park, where the famed giraffes live. These creatures can reach up to 18 feet and are ready to take a silly picture with you.

If you're a nature lover, you don't want to miss seeing these majestic and exhilarating animals. So take advantage of this super low price, and see these fascinating animals with your own two eyes at this unique attraction.

Lion Country Safari 

Admission: $19 per vehicle 

Address: 2003 Lion Country Safari Rd., Loxahatchee, FL 

Why You Should Visit: The African savanna will unfold right before your eyes at Florida's only drive-thru safari.


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