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Miami Is 1 Of 11 Cities Warned By The White House To Start Taking "Aggressive" Steps

They want the cities to take action against the outbreak.
Miami COVID-19 White House Warning Advises City To Take “Aggressive” Steps

Miami's COVID-19 cases have caught the White House's attention, so much so that it privately warned them and other state and local leaders to take action once they see an "increase in test positivity."

According to The Center for Public Integrity, White House Coronavirus Task Force leader Dr. Deborah Birx reached out to 11 cities to warn them to be "aggressive" as the pandemic continues to grow in the country.

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If you wait another three or four or even five days, you’ll start to see a dramatic increase in cases.

Dr. Deborah Birx

Along with Miami, Baltimore, Cleveland, Columbus, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Nashville, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, and St. Louis were also advised and told to be "aggressive about mitigation efforts."

Miami-Dade County has been called Florida's epicenter for the disease, as the region is closing in on 100,000 cases.

Florida, as a whole, surpassed the 400,000 case mark on Friday.

Via The Center for Public Integrity

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