Florida's food scene has a little something for everyone. Miami in particular has drool-worthy dishes that bring innovative twists to favorite classics. One Miami restaurant, Cracked Eatery, serves up creative pizza fries and other out-of-this-world fry creations.

Cracked Eatery by Chef Adrianne has taken the city's unique culinary scene by storm with her incredible french fry creations.

One that has caught the notice and palette of Miami foodies is the Truffled Pepperoni Pizza Fries, which are fries covered in pepperoni, marinara, and mornay sauce.

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It gives the fires a distinct pizza look and taste, and it will only cost $13 for an order of these unique fries.

Then there are the Ranch Jalapeno Cheese Fries, which are topped with jalapenos, ranch dressing, and bacon that is sweet and spicy that also only cost $13 to indulge.

If you're not into gourmet fries, then the restaurant also has simple Truffle Fries, which are covered with parmesan and parsley, or the Sweet Potato Fries, both of which only $10.

All four of these unique french fry dishes are big enough that two people can share a dish, or it can be enjoyed solo.

The gourmet french fries are just the starters to an expansive menu that the restaurant has created.

Cracked Eatery by Chef Adrianne takes even more traditional staples to a unique and tasty extreme, from the Filet Mignon Steak Sandwich to a super-tall Royale with Cheese made from grass-fed patties.

In a city that punches outside of the box when it comes to cuisine, Cracked Eatery by Chef Adrianne is the epitome of Miami's beautifully wild foodie scene.

Cracked Eatery by Chef Adrianne

Price: 💸💸

Address: 7400 SW 57th Ct. Suite 101, South Miami, FL 

Why You Need To Go: These wild french fry creations are totally drool-worthy!