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Palm Beach County's Face Mask Mandate Is In Effect & You Will Be Cited If Seen Without One

This South Florida county will now require you to cover your face in public. On Thursday, June 25, the Palm Beach County's face mask ordinance will be enforced by law enforcement. If caught without a covering, you could face a citation.

The new mandate will require individuals to wear a face mask while in public spaces. That includes restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and public transportation. The order, which was passed on Tuesday, will also extend to employees of local businesses.

Those who violate the order will first be issued a warning. If caught a second time without a face mask in public will initially be fined $250 with the potential of receiving a maximum of $500 for subsequent offenses.

Establishments in the area are also required to post visible signage showing that masks are a requirement for entry and service.

The only exceptions are children under the age of two, those who are eating or have a medical condition, people with religious beliefs where facial coverings would conflict with their practice, and during interactions with those who are hearing impaired.

Palm Beach County passed the requirement in response to a rapid rise in novel coronavirus cases. Florida is in the middle of a record-breaking stretch of daily COVID-19 case totals.

On Wednesday, the state recorded another high in cases, noting over 5,500 total cases. Palm Beach County currently has the third-highest number of COVID-19 cases in the state, with 11,402 residents stricken with the virus. To date, 482 of those patients have died as a result of COVID-19 complications.

Palm Beach County is the latest in a growing number of Florida counties now requiring their residents to wear a face mask to blunt the sharp rise in coronavirus cases. Miami-Dade, Broward, Monroe, and Martin countries all have similar mandates.

Residents in other South Florida counties are taking matters into their own hands to urge their leaders to issue mask mandated. A woman in St. Lucie County recently started a petition to make face coverings mandatory in her area.

Some people within the state are trying to push back on these mandates. An Orange County ordinance is facing a lawsuit, and residents in Palm Beach County have indicated that it will challenge the order in court.

In the meantime, everyone within Palm Beach County must don a face mask, or risk being a little lighter in the pocket.

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