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You Can Have Mario Kart Tournaments At This Retro Gamer Bar In Fort Lauderdale

No, there isn't a glitch in the Matrix - this Gamer's Paradise actually exists.
You Can Have Mario Kart Tournaments At This Retro Gamer Bar In Fort Lauderdale

Video games and craft brews sound like the perfect after-work escape - what better way to unwind than some old fashioned button mashing therapy with your gamer crew. If life has been a glitch for you lately, there's a HUGE arcade bar in Fort Lauderdale - and it is smashing bros.

Glitch Bar in Fort Lauderdale Florida is the ultimate gamer's paradise. This massive bar has everything from pinball machines, to arcade classics like Street Fighter 2 and Donkey Kong, to nostalgic retro titles like Mario Kart all the way up to modern console options - all while chilling in a room covered in pop-culture and video game art. They're even known to occasionally throw Indie night, where you can try something new and play Indie games created by people with a passion for game design.

The vibe of the entire place is chill and colorful, with geometric designs for the most eye-catching game space we have ever seen; the lighting is low and the screens of all the game machines glow onto the pop-culture art and deco on every wall. They have some really unique features, like their cassette tape streaming wall where you can watch Twitch Streamers or a movie if you need a break after losing to your BFFs at Mario Kart by falling off the map on Rainbow Road for the millionth time. They even have a few murals where you can stop and get the best selfie of your night out for your Insta-feed. 

Check out some shots from the Glitchiest Bar in Fort Lauderdale below:

Even their bathrooms are on theme and bring your video game friends into the space, so you know, your Space Invader buddies will keep you company while you take care of your business.

This bar has 22 different brews on tap; you'll have well-known beers like Budweiser, but the real stars of their drink menus are the craft beers. If you're more of a liquor sister, they do have a liquor bar and a specialty mixed drink menu. One of their signature drinks is Player 1 - made with Bulleit Bourbon, simple syrup, Aztec chocolate bitters, a splash of soda, orange twist, and garnished with a Luxardo Cherry.

Every Tuesday they have Lvl Up Trivia Night, where you can test your pop-culture knowledge. They run different specials, like their new $8 Super Smash bucket deal on Thursdays or tournies regularly. Currently, Monday nights are Killer Queen Arcade Tournament nights, where you can 3 friends can compete for glory.

If you're ready to shoot some baddies or ruin your friendships over a game of Mario Kart, Glitch Bar is located at 905 NE 5th Ave, Fort Lauderdale FL 33304. You can get your game on for hours from 5 pm - 2 am Sunday through Thursday, or stay until 3 am on Friday or Saturday to beat your high score on your favorite arcade machine.

For more information about Glitch Bar, check out their website here.

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