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'Tropical Wave' Will Put Parts Of Miami Underwater This Week

You might want to get those sandbags and inflatable rafts ready because it's going to be a soggy next few days in Miami. A tropical wave is set to hit the area, bringing showers and storms to the area, which could quickly produce flooding.

“Numerous showers and scattered thunderstorms are in the forecast for tomorrow as a tropical wave passes to our south," NWS Miami said in a tweet yesterday.

However, with the rain threatening to come down, it won't do much to ease the heat and humidity in the region. 

Temperatures are still forecasted to be in the lower 90s, with lows in the 70s, and 80s closer to the beaches

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It'll be so wet, that Miami's flooded highways could soon be Florida Man's playground once again.

Miami is one of America's most flood-prone cities due to its topography. Over 20% of Miami-Dade County sits below sea level, and its numerous waterways and high water table allow the region to flood even during torrential afternoon tropical downpours.

When Hurricane Irma came just south of Miami in 2017, rivers of water flowed through Downtown Miami and the Brickell neighborhood.

Over the years, parts of Miami-Dade County have been trying to stem the tide of rising flood threats.

In Miami Beach, the city recently raised streets and put in a pump system to keep the city dry after afternoon storms chronically flooded the area a few years ago.

Miami is one of the cities that's also prone to a rising event known as sea level rise, where the earth's oceans rise due to melting polar ice caps.

The region already suffers from "sunny day flooding," in which some neighborhoods flood even on days when it doesn't even rain.

The NOAA says it might get worse soon.

According to the NOAA, by 2030, regions in low-lying areas such as Miami are predicted to witness between 7-15 days of high-tide flooding, and 20 years later, up to 75 days.

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