More than $400 million worth of illegal drugs were recently confiscated and are coming to South Florida. The U.S. Coast Guard Southeast tweeted Tuesday that nearly 30,000 pounds of materials had been seized. The contents of the drug bust were cocaine and marijuana.

“It’s important to know that our fellow citizens aren’t the only ones who benefit from these drugs not reaching our communities and American streets. Our Latin American neighbors face tremendous strain from drug-fueled violence and the associated corruption,” Coast Guard Admiral Karl Schultz told CBS Miami.

Thousands of pounds of narcotics were unloaded at Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale on Tuesday, June 9. According to Monday's media advisory, the drugs were seized by the Coast Guard Cutter James crew.

It was reported that the almost 30,000 pounds of confiscated materials were made up of around 23,000 pounds of cocaine and 6,900 pounds of marijuana. This staggering haul has a combined estimated value of over $408 million. 

The Coast Guard posted photos of the bust, showing numerous piles of packaged products stacked on pallets.

The smuggled narcotics were intercepted in international waters off of Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.

You can watch a video of crew members sitting on the drug haul at Port Everglades, followed by the Coast Guard's press conference regarding the confiscation of the illegal substances. 

The interception was a part of efforts to "fight against drug cartels in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea."

"Under the leadership of U.S. Southern Command and Joint Interagency Task Force South, Coast Guard and Navy forces worked side by side to stop the flow of illegal narcotics on the high seas before it could make landfall in Central America and continue its northward journey into the United States," said Captain Jeffrey K. Randall, commanding officer of the Cutter James.

He went on to say that he was proud of his team and their success and how "working along side our partner agencies, we continue to take the fight to the drug cartels and make an impact on these criminal organizations who spread this poison on our streets."