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If you're looking for work, there are hundreds of Microsoft Canada jobs up for grabs and a bachelor's degree is the only education requirement for some positions.

Microsoft's CEO recently spoke to The Canadian Press about how a Canadian expansion is happening because the country is "setting the pace in many areas" and people here have valuable skills, knowledge, and expertise.

Here are some of the jobs that are available in Canada.

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Software Engineer

Who Should Apply: Someone who has an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or a related engineering discipline, more than five years of experience with designing and developing web applications and proficiency in web technology stacks, among other requirements.

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Senior Gameplay Engineer - Gears of War

Who Should Apply: Someone with at least five years of experience with video games, a university degree in computer science or a related field and other required skills.

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UX Designer

Who Should Apply: Anyone who has more than four years of experience with UX design for iOS and Android and a bachelor's degree in design or computer science. There are a few more specific requirements, as well.

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Data Science

Who Should Apply: A person with professional experience with large-scale computing systems, an understanding of statistics and a strong passion for data analysis.

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Teams Technical Specialist

Who Should Apply: It's preferred that the candidate has more than five years of experience in technical pre-sales and/or technical consulting roles, a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology or a related field and at least one certification that's listed in the job posting.

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Worldwide Category Marketing - Digital Content Lead

Who Should Apply: A person who has more than five years of experience working in the video game industry or working with retailers to sell digital content or currency along with a track record of collaboration and more.

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