Canadian Money Is 'The Filthiest Currency' In The World & It's Totally Covered In Germs

A new study has put our dirty money under the microscope.
Canadian Money Is The Filthiest Cash In The World
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If you've got bills in your wallet, you might think twice before touching them because it's been revealed that Canadian money is "the filthiest currency" in the world. released data from its study on 20 of the most common currencies used at casinos and it shows our money has quite a lot of hidden bacteria.

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Swab tests of Canadian cash done by microbiologists found 209 bacterial colonies, which "comfortably" gives our currency the title of being the dirtiest.

The Brazilian real came in second with 118, the U.S. dollar is tied for 11th with five and the French euro is 20th with zero bacterial colonies found.

According to the study, the most common bacteria found can cause urinary tract infections, fungal infections, pneumonia and more.

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