Cracking a cold one with your buddies -- something we all enjoy, and certainly not something you'd ever get paid for, right? Wrong. A beer commercial casting call in Toronto will give you and your friends hundreds of dollars to kick back and sip the day away.

Milo Casting is looking to hire a group of friends or a couple in the same social bubble for a new project.

According to the post on EBOSS Canada, the casting agency is looking specifically for sports fans between the ages of 25 and 40 to appear in the commercial. It will be filmed in the selected participants' own homes.

If chosen, you and your buddies will make a whopping $700 each for 5 hours of work. If you can even call day drinking with friends "work."

The casting call is inclusive of all genders and ethnicities, as well as fans of any sport. So whether you're a basketball nut or a hockey superfan, you're welcome to apply.

The nice part about this casting call is how easy it is to apply. You don't even have to submit an audition tape!

All you need to do to apply is submit a few photos of you and your friends decked out in sports gear.

Photos should include a smiling selfie, a full-body photo, and a group shot if possible.

Your submission should also include a picture of the living room and front door to help the film crew get an idea of the space they'd be working with.

If you don't get chosen, don't sweat it. Opportunities pop up like this all the time in Toronto. Last month, Cineplex offered a group of friends $1,000 each to appear in a commercial.

Another Canadian casting job offered pet owners $1,200 just to brush their fur babies on camera.

So if you haven't gotten your 15 minutes of fame yet, hopefully, your time will come!

Beer Commerical 

Salary: $700

Company: Milo Casting

Why You Should Apply: You can drink a few beers with some friends and get paid for it.

Apply Here

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