Ontario's New List Of Rejected License Plates Includes 'Moistly' And 'Nyeah.eh'

People have really creative ideas for their personalized plates. 😂
Ontario's New List Of Rejected License Plates Includes 'Moistly' And 'Nyeah.eh'

Some hilarious phrases have been proposed as license plates this year. The provincial database is full of rejected license plates in Ontario, and a lot of them are gold. Some of the refused phrases include "MOISTLY" à la Justin Trudeau, "DANK DAD," and many others. 

In a PDF document, the Ministry of Transportation provides a 31-page list of inappropriate or rejected license plate attempts from May 1, 2019, to May 31, 2020.

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CBC hand-picked some of the funniest ones, which include "AREUDUMB", "OKBOOMER," "IHATE401" (relatable), and more.

There are so many of them that they have actually been sorted by category. 

These include plates that used abusive or derogatory language or those that are difficult to read, often with multiple of the same letters or numbers repeating. 

Other criteria for getting rejected is if your plate uses a human rights discrimination, anything alluding to political figures and law enforcement, religion, drugs and alcohol, or sexual and bathroom humour. 

Unsurprisingly, there are tons of hopeful attempts under each of these categories, and some of the phrases will remind you of your middle school locker room or MSN Messenger usernames.

The list is both immature and chuckle-inducing, as well as just plain concerning.

Someone even sent in a request to have "IMPAIRED" as their license plate. 

Some of the other submissions include "MERKD" and the Toronto catchphrase "NYEA.EH"(which was rejected under the violence and criminal activity category).

[rebelmouse-image 25992925 photo_credit="Ontario Yours to Customize" expand=1 original_size="780x458"] Ontario Yours to Customize

Some of the other Toronto references are also pretty fun but have been turned down on religious grounds.

These include "6IIXGOD", "GOD5PLAN", and "6IXBLESS".

It looks like the streets of Ontario are missing out on some eye-catchers. 

CBC reports that there have been 3,887 rejected plates just this past year alone. 

Narcity has reached out to the Ministry of Transportation for more info on their rejection and selection process. 

The best part is how much people are willing to pay for a funny license plate. 

According to Ontario's website, two to eight characters without a graphic will cost you $310.

Two to six characters with a graphic will be $336.40

Motorcycle custom plates will cost you $310 for two to five characters.