Ontario Driver Charged After Doing The Absolute Worst Job Faking A Licence Plate (PHOTO)

Yet another Ontario driver is facing charges after attempting to create their own makeshift licence plate and it looks like something a toddler could have drawn.

According to OPP West Region, the incident occurred in Caledonia on Monday afternoon after officers spotted a vehicle driving around with a cardboard cutout on its trunk.

The hilariously phoney-looking cover-up featured scribbles that looked nothing like the original provincial plates.

"The appropriate charges were laid and the vehicle was removed from the roadway," an excerpt from the report reads.

However, this isn't the first time someone has failed spectacularly while trying to recreate their licence plates and one driver even used a diaper box.

Someone apparently was racing against time. One Ontarian was stopped by police twice in just three minutes for how fast they were going.

According to Ontario Provincial Police, the driver was first stopped for going 40 km/hr over the posted speed limit. Only minutes later, officers with the Collingwood OPP detachment stopped the vehicle again but this time for going 50 km/hr over.

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