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An Ontario Driver Got Charged For Keeping His Hands Off The Wheel To Play The Flute

Halton Regional Police actually used the hashtag #FlutesAndDrivingDontMix

An Ontario Driver Got Charged For Keeping His Hands Off The Wheel To Play The Flute

Well, this Ontario driver was certainly in treble (ahem, trouble.)

Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) said one of their traffic officers was keeping an eye out for distracted drivers in Burlington on October 20 when they pulled over a driver expecting him to be on his cell phone.

The officer was "a little surprised" to see that the driver was playing the flute with both of his hands instead.

HRPS added that the driver was following along to a song on his iPod, too. Narcity reached out to ask which song the driver was playing along to but did not hear back from Halton Regional Police before this article went to press.

Police added that the driver was charged.

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