Is it a bird, a plane? No, it's just one Ontario driver.

A 21-year-old from North York was caught speeding down Highway 403 on Tuesday, travelling almost as fast as an airplane.

According to the OPP, the driver was pulled over for going 228 kilometres an hour on the Mississauga roadway.

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The individual's licence was suspended and their vehicle was impounded for seven days.

OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt has revealed that a Boeing 737 takeoff speed is around 250 kilometres an hour.

So the driver wasn't that far off from racing the jet down the runway.  

This isn't the first time an Ontario driver has been caught trying to take flight.

Back in January, Sgt. Kerry Schmidt revealed that a 19-year-old from Oakville had been charged in a similar stunt driving incident.

The driver was caught going 218 kilometres an hour in a 100 zone.