Ontario's Rejected Licence Plates From 2021 Were Just Revealed & 'FKNRITE' It's Jokes

Someone really tried to get GO.COVID.

Ontario's Rejected Licence Plates From 2021 Were Just Revealed & 'FKNRITE' It's Jokes
Toronto Associate Editor

Some people in Ontario sure know how to get creative — especially when it comes to personalizing their own licence plates. But it looks like some people went too far and made it onto the list of Ontario's rejected licence plates.

The provincial government shared with Narcity its list of rejected personalized licence plates for 2021, and some are pretty funny.

Between January 1, 2021, and November 15, 2021, there were loads of personalized plates that the Ontario government rejected for several reasons, like being obscene, for example.

There were a handful of licence plate orders in which the holder likely wanted to show how bad a** they are, with 1BDASMOM, BADAZGMA and BADASHH being some of the rejections. Sorry, grandma.

One person wanted to show how F.N.JOLY they were, while a couple wanted to get the message across that they're FKNQWIK. Other rejections include IMFNFAST and the simple FASTBTCH.

FKNRITE and FNSENDIT also tried to make it on the backs of cars this year, too.

Another bold Ontarian tried to dethrone Drake and asked for a 6IX6OD licence plate, but was rejected due to "clarity and readability." 5H0RTY, 6LESS and BIGMOO5E were rejected for the same reason.

A few Ontarians asked for straight-up sound effects like BRRRRRT, BOOOOOM, BWAAAAAA, and HHMMMMMM.

Tons of people clearly have COVID-19 in mind, though they appear to have mixed feelings about it. One rejected plate was GO.COVID, while another read COVIDIOT, and another was straight to the point with FK.COV19.

Other honourable mentions that made it to the rejections pile were OUID, JOHNBEER, and ROSE.EHH.

Personalized licence plates can also be rejected if they have sexual references (including "eliminatory functions" like FARTING), if they contain phrases having to do with violence and criminal activity, or if they contain references to political figures, dignitaries, and law enforcement officials.

According to the government, personalized plates can be looked at a second time if there is a request for reconsideration. That means rejected licences that are on the list now could potentially get approved in the future.

Alex Arsenych
Toronto Associate Editor