A Tiktoker Is Catching Toronto Drivers Park In The Most Ridiculous & Illegal Spots (VIDEOS)

Drivers caught "under the influence of stupidity."

Drivers in Toronto, Ontario, caught parking illegally.

Drivers in Toronto, Ontario, caught parking illegally.

Toronto drivers don't exactly have a shining reputation , and a local TikToker and YouTube content creator is putting some bad driving habits in the city under the microscope.

Johnny Strides films his walking and cycling adventures around Toronto and, most recently, caught two drivers blatantly parking illegally — and where they chose to pull up was nothing short of ridiculous.

In a now-viral video on TikTok, Johnny was walking downtown and witnessed a driver throw their hazard lights on and park right on the sidewalk of a busy intersection.

"What is this car doing? Uhm, really?" he said. "You can't park your car at Dundas and Spadina. What?"

The footage shows some people having to walk around the oddly-placed car while carrying on their way before the camera turns back around to the vehicle, which is parked steps away from an ATM.

"I think that's the driver," Johnny said in the video. "She literally parked her car there, at a super busy intersection, to go use the ATM. That is unbelievable."

"That car has a person under the influence, perhaps. Under the influence of stupidity," he joked.

The video had 150,000 views as of Monday morning, with one person saying "I’d say I’m shocked, but I’m not at all."

Someone else appropriately noted the vehicle was "not parked AT Dundas and Spadina it's literally ON Dundas and Spadina."


Driver parks on the SIDEWALK at major Toronto intersection (re-upload) #torontodrivers #baddriversoftiktok #chinatowntoronto

"Why do people think hazard lights just magically get rid of parking laws??" another person commented.

The use of hazard lights excusing an illegal parking job seems to be a bit of a trend on Johnny's TikTok.

In another video posted on January 5, a vehicle can be seen stopped in a live lane of traffic next to a Tim Hortons with its lights flashing.

"One can only assume this car is broken down," Johnny said.

Moments later, someone can be seen exiting the restaurant and getting into the vehicle with a Timmies cup in hand, and of course, this all happened right next to a nearly empty parking lot.

"That's par for the course for Toronto drivers," Johnny said.


Guy parks on on the road to get Timmies 🤦‍♀️ #toronto #torontodrivers #torontotiktok #baddrivers #baddriversoftiktok #timmies

At least that driver didn't park on the sidewalk, right?

No wonder we have to pay so much for car insurance around here.

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