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These Alberta Licence Plates Got Rejected In 2021 & There Was No 'HPPY HR' Allowed

You also won't see a "SHAGVAN" on the highway.

Calgary Staff Writer
Cars driving in Alberta.

Cars driving in Alberta.

If you're thinking about getting yourself a personalized licence plate, you might want to avoid making the same mistakes as these Alberta drivers who all had their suggestions rejected. And yes, a lot of them were sexual.

It turns out licence plates can be rejected by Service Alberta for a few different reasons, including sexual innuendos, making alcohol or drug-related references or even because of political messaging.

Service Alberta told Narcity that the government is able to refuse to issue or recall any licence plates that are "considered inappropriate."

In a list of reject plates for 2021 provided to Narcity, people were really going out of their way to draw attention to themselves with these custom plates.

Around 30 different plates were rejected last year for being too sexually suggestive including "SIMP4ME," "ONLYFAN" and "MLFHNTR".

There were also some even more immature choices that really didn't leave anything to the imagination like "T11111T", "SHAGVAN" and "THEMUFF".

Hints at alcohol and drugs are also a no-go when it comes to licence plates. "HPPYHR", "BLAIZIN" and "XOMOLLY" were all rejected. You never know though — maybe someone was just actually named Molly?

There were a lot of plates also rejected for "foul language" so, unfortunately, you're not going to see any cars with "UABISHH" or "WTAF" when stuck in traffic anytime soon.

The Alberta Government has rules on what you can and can't use for a personalized number plate and you can find a full list of restrictions on their website.

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