Most Young Canadians Aren't Stoked With How Baby Boomers Have Left Things, Survey Says

Thanks, mom and dad.

Most Young Canadians Aren't Stoked With How Baby Boomers Have Left Things, Survey Says

The generational divide is alive and well in Canada, according to a new survey which says that Millennials aren't thrilled with the world Baby Boomers have left for them.

The recent Angus Reid Institute and Cardus poll also gauged that young Canadians consider themselves to be way unluckier than anyone in the generations above them.

The poll splits each age category into two — leaders and others — depending on a psychological quiz. In total, 50% of Leaders and 41% of Others in the 30-40 age range felt as though their generation was unlucky, compared to 45%/47% of those in the 18-29 age range.

But what both groups of people could agree on was that the legacy left by Baby Boomers. In total, those in the 18 to 29 range were really not stoked about what had been left to them — 69%/65% of younger Canadians said the legacy was either "negative" or "very negative," and only 5%/6% said the legacy was "very positive."

Unsurprisingly then, a majority of young Canadians said that Millennials would leave things in a better shape than the Baby Boomers had.

But it's not all bad between the generations, at least for some people. According to Strata, Baby Boomers keep helping their kids out by buying them condos. Not a bad way to say sorry!

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