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Netflix Just Added A Bunch Of Canadian Movies & It's A Chance To See Canada On Your TV Screen

Enjoy some Canadian Content this April! 🍿

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Dianna Agron in Hollow In The Land. Right: Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy.

Dianna Agron in Hollow In The Land. Right: Jake Gyllenhaal in Enemy.

Looking to see Canada on your TV screen? Well Netflix Canada just released a whole bunch of Canadian movies onto its platform in celebration of Canadian Film Day.

No matter what type of movie you like to watch, there is something for everyone, featuring some surprisingly big names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Dianna Agron and Daniel Radcliffe.

The 21 movies added by Netflix, and all the great Canadian content that was on there previously, can be found in the "Celebrating Canadian Films" genre tag.

Some stand out movies include the 2013 movie Enemy, directed by Dune's Denis Villeneuve and starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a boring Toronto academic who finds someone who looks exactly like him.

If psychological thrillers ain't your thing, you could check out The F Word, a romantic comedy also set in Toronto, starring Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan and Adam Driver.

Looking westward, those looking for some mystery can check out 2017's Hollow In The Land, a movie filmed and set in a small Canadian town in the mountains starring Glee's Dianna Agron. This twisty, turny film is about Agron's character looking to clear her missing brother's after he been suspected of murder. You know it'll keep you guessing!

And, from the northern part of the country, you can't go wrong with The Grizzlies. It's a film about a youth Nunavut lacrosse team set up to combat suicide in a small community, which has all the ups and downs a good sports drama with this subject matter would promise.

These of course are just a few of the flicks coming to Netflix on Wednesday, April 20. Of the 21 films, there are some hilarious comedies, some gripping documentaries, some scary horror films and basically everything in between.

So, to maybe see your hometown, or a place like it, on the big (little) screen, you could look at worse places than Netflix right now.

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