Netflix's 'Perfect Match' Includes 5 'The Circle' Stars & Here's What To Expect From Them

No more catfishing for these reality stars!

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Joey Sasso. Right: Ines Tazi.

Joey Sasso. Right: Ines Tazi.

If you're tuning into Netflix's Perfect Matchwithout having watched The Circle, don't worry: we've done your homework for you.

The dating team-up show combines more than 20 different stars from various Netflix reality series, and The Circle is one of the most well-represented shows of the bunch.

Not only will Perfect Match see contestants collide from multiple seasons of The Circle, but it'll also bring in one reality star from a foreign version of the show.

If you haven't seen The Circle, the series is basically a contained popularity contest in which players compete for a cash prize.

Here's what you need to know about the five contestants who are making the jump into Perfect Match. And if you're curious about crossover star Chloe Veitch, don't worry: we'll have her covered in our Too Hot To Handle crossover story!

Joey Sasso

The champ is here!

New York native Joey Sasso won Season 1 of The Circle and took home the cash prize, but this time he'll be looking to win someone's love on Perfect Match.

The former bartender has been chasing an acting career since The Circle ended, with a cameo in the Peacock series Girls5Eva and a few other TV credits.

Sasso is also slated to lead a movie called Young Lion Of The West, in which he plays a club promoter who sets out to launch his own empire.

Nick Uhlenhuth

Nick Uhlenhuth and Nick Uhlenhuth's abs will be teaming up for a second chance at reality stardom in Perfect Match, following his appearance in Season 3 of The Circle.

Nick won the third season of The Circle by running multiple catfishing schemes with others, so this is a guy who could get himself into some IRL trouble on Perfect Match.

This will be the Austin, Texas native's first dating show, but if you're curious about his relationship history you can check out Stars & Swipes. It's a relationship podcast he did with a woman whom he met on a dating app and -- spoiler alert -- it doesn't last.

Maybe the next thing will?

Ines Tazi

Ines Tazi comes to Perfect Match from The Circle France, one of The Circle's global spinoffs.

Ines tried to catfish other contestants in season 1 of that show, but she'll have nowhere to hide with the other singles in Perfect Match.

A quick scroll through her Instagram shows that the girl knows her way around social media, with plenty of glamorous photos and travel pics.

She also appears to be getting plenty of attention from some of her Perfect Match castmates, including former Love Is Blind star Damian Powers.

"You're a snack," he wrote on a recent Insta post.

Tazi has lived in Paris and Casablanca, but she appears to have moved to Los Angeles for the time being.


Savannah Palacio

Savannah Palacio didn't last very long on The Circle Season 2. She and fellow contestant Terilisha developed a major feud on the show and never quite worked it out, despite a valiant attempt.

Palacio has since built herself a presence on YouTube, where you can see her sharing lifestyle tips with her audience of about 26,000 subscribers.

Expect Savannah to bring the drama on Perfect Match, especially if she struggles early to play nice.

Calvin Crooks

Calvin "Kiing" Crooks might have the most interesting resume of all the contestants on Perfect Match. He describes himself as a private chef and aspiring firefighter, but that's just the start of it.

He played professional soccer in Iceland and the U.K. before he was cast on Season 3 of The Circle, and while he grew up in Miami he also spends a lot of time in the U.K.

Crooks struck up a romance with fellow contestant Kai Ghost on The Circle, but that clearly didn't work out because he's looking for someone new on Perfect Match.

Netflix's Perfect Match debuts on February 14, with new episodes added on February 21 and February 28.

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