'Perfect Match' Star Abbey Humphreys Was In 'Twentysomethings' & Here's Where She Is Now

One contestant is all over her Instagram 👀

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Abbey Humphreys in Twentysomethings: Austin. Right: Abbey Humphreys.

Abbey Humphreys in Twentysomethings: Austin. Right: Abbey Humphreys.

New Perfect Match star Abbey Humphreys stole fans' hearts in her reality TV debut on Twentysomethings: Austin, though she may be a bit of a surprise to those who only watched some of Netflix’s bigger reality hits.

The Texas native’s outspoken ways and up-front personality kept fans on their toes throughout Twentysomethings, so it’s no surprise that Netflix would bring her back for Perfect Match.

The show is another Nick Lachey matchmaking social experiment, similar to his other creations, Love Is Blind and The Ultimatum. It also includes several cast members from those shows, along with other familiar faces from past Netflix reality series.

Perfect Match drops a cast of singles into a tropical oasis and challenges them to compete and play matchmaker with one another.

The show should be a perfect fit for Abbey, as it was revealed during her time on Twentysomethings, that the young Texan had actually already been married before.

She said she got married when she was 20 to a high school boyfriend and that despite giving it their best effort, the two parted ways after six years together. So Abbey is single and oh-so-ready to mingle.

In fact, Abbey has also recently revealed she identifies as bisexual so she is open to finding either the man or woman of her dreams on the show.

As for work, it seems Abbey is banking on her Twentysomethings notoriety to expand her Instagram and income.

During her time on the show, she was shown pursuing a career in bartending which did not seem to be going quite as she planned. She also spent some time as a bookseller when she lived in San Diego. So while her current professional life remains a bit shrouded in mystery, her photos seem like IG influencer is her main title these days.

Since her time on Twentysomethings Abbey has been hanging out with her well-known bestie Luke Alexander Stege and trading comments on Instagram with some of her Perfect Match co-stars.

Love Is Blind star Damian Powers in particular can be seen blowing up her comments. In fact, he can be seen making comments on almost all of Abbey’s photos–and very flirty ones if we do say so ourselves.

Are these two trying to keep a lid on something that might’ve emerged from the show?

Perfect Match will premiere on Netflix February 14 with four episodes, followed by more episodes on February 21 and February 28.

Bethany Barton
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