8 New Arrivals On Netflix & Amazon Prime That You Have To Watch This Weekend

Fresh additions for your watch list!
8 New Arrivals On Netflix & Amazon Prime That You Have To Watch This Weekend

No weekend plans? No problem! These new arrivals on Netflix and Amazon Prime will keep you occupied and entertained during your days off from work. This week features a wide variety of genres that fit whatever mood you're in.

On Netflix, you'll find your new favourite mystery thriller series, an emotional medical docuseries, and an enticing new drama from director Spike Lee, among many more. 

Over on Amazon Prime, get transported back a few decades to the days of World War II or solve a murder mystery with a hilarious and popular 2019 comedy-drama. 

These 8 new movies and TV shows are just the tip of what's coming from both streaming platforms this month. So get ready for more incredible content that will make you one satisfied couch potato. 



This Italian mystery thriller series looks like a mix between Dark and Locke & Key! It follows a woman who returns to her childhood town of Curon to find that it's now cursed and holds very dark secrets. 

Lenox Hill

If you love Grey's Anatomy, you have to check out this docuseries that follows doctors working at the renowned Lenox Hill Hospital. Two brain surgeons, a Chief Resident OBGYN, and an emergency room physician let viewers into the daily highs and lows of their life-saving careers. 

Reality Z

Hold on tight for this Brazilian horror series about game show contestants that seek shelter in the studio and must fight for their lives while zombies are attacking Rio de Janeiro.

Da 5 Bloods

This two-and-a-half long drama from Spike Lee centers on a group of four African-American vets who return to Vietnam looking for what's left of their fallen leader.

Dating Around (Season 2)

The second season of this reality dating show is here! Each episode of the six-part series follows one single person that goes on five dates hoping that one of their potential partners is a perfect match.

Jo Koy: In His Elements

Comedian Jo Koy is in the Philippines for this one-hour long special featuring stand-up routines from him and other Filipino Americans, and the talents of DJs and hip-hop dancers.

Amazon Prime

The Terror (Season 2)

This historical drama is set during World War II where bizarre deaths plague a Japanese-American community and one man sets out to find out who or what is responsible.

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Knives Out

If you missed this 2019 mystery-comedy when it was in theatres, now's your chance to get caught up! When a crime novelist mysteriously dies, every member of the Thrombey family becomes a suspect while a detective investigates the case.

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