Guy Fawkes Day is big in Newfoundland and tomorrow, people are going to be building huge bonfires and possibly blowing stuff up to celebrate the time he tried to blow up the English government.

Bonfire Night, as it's also known, is a big enough deal that Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, the NL chief medical officer of health, had to warn people Wednesday to keep their parties to 100 people or less (!).

It's a stylized version of Guy Fawkes's face, made famous by the 2005 film Vendetta, that's become the global face of Anonymous.

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November 5, 1605 The day Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the English parliament

Though open fires are banned in St. John's, people still burn stuff every year. In 2005, people made a bonfire out of an abandoned house, and last year, the CBC ran a story under the very CBC headline "Keep the chesterfield out of the pile this Bonfire Night."

Though traditionally Guy Fawkes Day celebrates the fact that the plot failed, in recent years there's been a greater tendency to celebrate the fact that he tried.

Most communities have cancelled or modified their official celebrations, but as Fitzgerald's warning makes clear, they're obviously expecting a lot of DIY parties.