Parks officials in Alberta took to Facebook on Wednesday, September 2 to warn campers about "improper disposal of garbage and improper securing of food by some visitors" and its impact on the bears. 

Alberta Parks explained that they’re seeing an increase in garbage and food being left out and broke down what people should be doing to ensure the bears don’t get accustomed to human food.

Leaving out food and garbage creates food-conditioned bears and other wildlife, and this can lead to serious incidents with people. A fed bear can lead to a dead bear.

Alberta Parks 

They said food should never be unsecured or unattended, “not even for a few minutes.” Also, no waste should be left behind.

They warned that there are fines for not properly securing food and asked campers to pack out their own garbage if a bin is full.

The provincial organization urged campers and visitors to leave no trace to keep both themselves and the wildlife safe.

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